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BizTank invites entrepreneurs to pitch to its investors for equity investments and loans.

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BizTank As Seen On TV

Glimpse Behind the scenes of B-Tank

B-Tank is a "Shark Tank" style platform, launched by BizTank founder and producer, Joel Klein, that empowers Jewish start-ups and entrepreneurs with access to capital and brings a vetted deal flow to highly successful investors.

Upon marking one year of success, BizTank released the B-Tank Magazine, its first publication featuring six of the latest pitches and negotiations. B-Tank Magazine exposes its readership to a wealth of business knowledge and exciting, intelligent information they can glean from professionals who have been there; done that.

Read six full exciting pitches in B-Tank. Get a chance to win $5,000!

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To pitch your business, start-up or concept or to learn more about investment opportunities, Email: or Call: 718.855.5850

Will There Be a Deal?

Enter BizTank, a IMBC project, where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to "The Moguls," a group of top Jewish business investors.

From $50,000 to $5,000,000 - Get a chance for an investment! Submit your pitch on the form above.

The mission of BizTank, presented by Joel Klein, CPBC, is to have a platform where entrepreneurs and business people can pitch their ideas, existing business expansion plans, patents and concepts to get an investment offer from a group of seasoned investors.

Along with an investment opportunity, presenters gain connections with the right people who can take their ventures very far.

Will Avi get a deal?, a gift card company revolutionizing gift-giving, is seeking an investor to grow the company. Avi, JiftCard owner, pitches to the BizTank Moguls.

Will he get an investment?

In BizTank's 15th episode, Avi Bader demonstrates to "The Moguls" how he revolutionized Gift Giving for any occasion with his company

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Call: 718.THE.JIFT
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Like Avi, get a chance for an investment! Submit your pitch at: is just one of hundreds of businesses who have reached out to BizTank to help fund the growth and expansion of the company and was selected as one of the companies to present the idea to the Moguls.

The mission of BizTank, presented by Joel Klein, CPBC, is to have a platform where entrepreneurs and business people can pitch their ideas, existing business expansion plans, patents and concepts to get an investment offer from a group of seasoned investors.

About Joel Klein, CPBC

Over the past 15 years, Joel Klein, Certified Professional Business Coach and CEO of IMBC (Immediate Marketing & Business Consulting), a Brooklyn based business consulting and marketing firm, has been coaching and consulting countless business owners and investors to help gain their greatness by expanding and growing their companies.

From Eureka's new line of irons to big supermarket chains grossing $40 million a week, Joel has been instrumental in taking companies and brands, across the globe, to great heights.

To learn more about Joel and IMBC, visit

Inside BizTank

Meet the Presenters
who pitched their ventures

Please check back for additional presenters being added daily.

What they have to say

BizTank was remarkable from start to finish. The Moguls were very receptive and gracious. The input from experienced businessmen was valuable and much appreciated. I am looking forward to working with everyone who’s still involved moving forward. A special thanks to Joel for being so professional in producing and coordinating BizTank bringing opportunities like these to entrepreneurs and the readership.

Avi, Jift Card

Coming before BizTank has been an amazing experience. We really enjoyed it and learned a lot from the process. We met with many strategic investors and it opened us to other great offers, which we are very excited about. Most important was learning how the Moguls think so we can make improvements and deliver the technology that will change the lives of people around the world. We believe that working with Srully and Eli, together with the lead investor, will be a wonderful opportunity, and we will make every effort to make it happen.


“We are very happy that we got to know Joel Klein and BizTank. That’s exactly what our busi-ness needed: a helping hand, expert advice. B’ezras Hashem you will be the right shilichim to bring our long-awaited dream to reality. The right investor that will help us grow this amazing business! Thank you, Joel, for providing us with this wonderful experience.

Sholem / Chavy, Proctik

It was an incredible experience pitch-ing my product at BizTank. Each Mogul had something else to bring to the table—Moshe’s ability to get distribution, Anthony’s offer to assist with manufacturing, and Adam, Neil and Gedaliah all expressing interest in funding. I couldn’t ask for better! There are no words to express my gratitude to Joel and the rest of their team. Their guidance and support were invaluable. I truly look forward to finalizing a deal in order to bring our product pipelines to market and help millions of people around the globe.


Joel, you bring a new meaning to the phrase, “win-win”! We all know that in life we are supposed to think of solutions that will create favorable outcomes for every-, but too many people are unable to do this because they become consumed by competition and become uncomfortable when people around them experience a lot of success. You have initiated a brilliant program that is a true win-win for everyone: the people being serviced by a product, the small business owners looking to support their families and the investors who facilitate the process. Congratulations on bringing the innovative Biztank to Jewish communities worldwide. Looking forward to much shared success with you in the future!

David And Tammy

As with everything else, I went into BizTank with no expec-tations, as a means to manage my expectations. Being in the Tank, however, I was genuinely impressed by the Moguls’characteristics and humbling attitude; the anxiety that may have come along with having to present to the Moguls evap-orated as rapidly as a Tudelü wall can roll out of sight. And while I may not have gotten an investment from the Moguls at the moment, more than money, I gained a lot of insight from them, and their willingness to help regardless of being involved in Tudelü or not, is staggering. As for Joel, his professionalism is exemplary, his wisdom profound, and overall knowledge in business and marketing is astonishing. “Dedicated to your success” isn’t just a foot-note at the bottom of each of Joel’s emails, but something I came to experience firsthand in actuality. Kudos Joel for pulling off something like Biz-Tank, a feat that only those having experienced it from the inside can fully appreciate.

Joel, Tudelu

I found the Moguls to be extremely engaging. They were very thoughtful and very wise. They asked all the right questions and provided wonderful insights and ideas for us to move forward, with or without them. After digesting their comments, we have piv-oted and have begun to raise a smaller amount of investment, which will get us to the point of generating revenue. Once we show revenue, we will be able to raise much greater amounts at a higher valuation in the next round. This will provide a higher valuation for any new investors.


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